Wholesale Automatic Knives

    Wholesale Automatic Knives

    Want to buy best-selling automatic knives straight from a reliable knife wholesale distributor? Cutting Edge Products is the obvious choice when it comes to wholesale automatic knives suppliers. Our collection of OTF knives offers just what your customers need. These spring-assisted knives open with just the press of a button, and many of our OTF blades offer a variety of unique designs and sizes.
    Want something small and easy to conceal with a short blade? What about larger model with a window breaker? Our out-of-the-front knives collection offers a solution for every need.
    You can buy bulk knives or dropship knives!
    Become a dealer and start selling today!

    How OTF Knives Work

    Like EDC knives, the blade hides in the handle, but an OTF knife is different because it uses an automatic mechanism to open the blade out the front with a button press.
    Some models use single action mechanisms, which allow the button to eject the blade with speed but require two hands to return the knife to its safe place inside the handle.
    Other models utilize a double action mechanism, allowing the blade to eject out the front with a slide switch, and return to its resting place via the same switch without needing two handed operation.

    Unique Models for Every Situation

    The OTF switchblade came to popularity due to its ease of use. Other knives are cumbersome to use, but these models are convenient no matter the situation.
    Want something sleek and narrow with a long reach? Try the Stiletto OTF Knife w/ Belt Clip. Or do you need something small and inconspicuous with a short blade? In that case, try our Mini Automatic OTF Knife w/ Belt Clip. 

    Why Choose Us?

    Cutting Edge Products is the best place to buy exclusive brands like Streetwise SecurityPolice Force Tactical, and Jolt.
    Our switchblade knives are competitively priced compared to other knife wholesale companies and becoming a Cutting Edge Products dealer provides you with exclusive, unbeatable wholesale discounts.
    Wholesale OTF knives are suitable for all kinds of applications – great for hunting, survival, adventure, and other outdoor activities. Help your customers protect what matters most with our premiere selection of self-defense and personal safety products.
    As a member of the American Knife and Tool Institute (AKTI), we are committed to ensuring that there will always be switchblade knives for sale and Americans can always make, buy, sell, carry, and use the knife and edged tool of their choice with confidence. To learn more about automatic switchblade laws, see

    Returns Policy

    Cutting Edge sells quality products and offer a lifetime guarantee on most of them. Products that are found to be defective can be returned for a replacement or credit toward the purchase of other products during the warranty period of that specific product. Refer to our Returns & Policy page for additional information.

    Our Commitment to You

    When you order from Cutting Edge Products, we guarantee top-of-the-line customer service. You won't be talking to robots or listening to automated messages. When you call our offices, you'll speak to a human that can provide everything you need. Our in-house customer care team pride themselves on fast response times, effective communication, and unwavering commitment to your satisfaction.
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