Wholesale Stun Guns

    Wholesale Stun Guns

    Stun guns are the most affordable, most effective self-defense weapons money can buy. Having a stun gun is one of the ultimate, non-lethal ways to protect you and your loved ones. It completely disables and incapacitates the intruder, attacker, or assailant with its high-voltage capabilities. You can attach our stun guns to other items such as flashlights and batons or disguise them as everyday objects.

    Want something small and easy to conceal that packs a punch? What about a cell phone stun gun or flashlight stun gun? Our stun guns offer a solution for every need.

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    How Stun Guns Work

    A stun gun delivers a high-voltage electric shock to an attacker’s body, targeting the nervous system. To deliver the shock, the two prongs must make direct contact with the attacker. A stun gun is often small and less cumbersome, making them a perfect addition to your personal safety protocol.

    Unique Models for Every Situation

    Stun guns win because they're affordable and flexible. No matter where you reside, work, or how you choose to live, self-defense matters.

    That's why we prioritize a variety of unique models like the FRiPHONE 14,000,000 STUN GUN, a stun gun disguised as a cellphone. Get out your FRiPHONE at the first sign of danger. Have you ever wanted a stun gun that doubles as a baton AND flashlight? Try our Barbarian MAX 9,000,000 Stun Baton Flashlight. What about the Sting Ring HD 18,000,000* Stun Gun? A stun gun disguised as a ring on your finger!

    Why Choose Us?

    Cutting Edge Products is the best place to buy premiere brands like Taser and exclusive brands like Streetwise Security, Police Force Tactical, and Jolt. Our wholesale stun gun prices are competitive. Becoming a Cutting Edge Products dealer provides you with exclusive, unbeatable wholesale discounts.

    The Stun gun is one of the most popular personal safety weapons due to its size, ease of use, and ability to pack enough electricity to send a person to the ground. Help your customers protect what matters most with our premiere selection of self-defense and personal safety products.

    Returns Policy

    Cutting Edge sells quality products and offers a lifetime guarantee on most of them. Products that are found to be defective can be returned for a replacement or credit toward the purchase of other products during the warranty period of that specific product. Refer to our Returns & Policy page for additional information.

    Our Commitment to You

    When you order from Cutting Edge Products, we guarantee top-of-the-line customer service. You won't be talking to robots or listening to automated messages. When you call our offices, you'll speak to a human that can provide everything you need. Our in-house customer care team pride themselves on fast response times, effective communication, and unwavering commitment to your satisfaction.
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