Discontinued Products

Below, you will find a current list of all products that have been discontinued in the past year. Should you have any questions, please contact us.


Product Title


11027 Taser X26P Professional Series - Black 05/12/2020
22029 Taser X2 05/12/2020
39067 TASER™ Pulse Plus Noonlight Emergency Response App. YELLOW 05/12/2020
39068 TASER™ Pulse Plus Noonlight Emergency Response App. CLEAR 05/12/2020
39069 TASER™ Pulse Plus Noonlight Emergency Response App. BLUE 02/17/2020
49109 Freya CCW Handbag, Sandalwood 04/29/2020
16T  Police Force 16IN Expandable Steel Baton  03/01/2019 
21HTT  Police Force 21IN Heat Treated Expandable Steel Baton  02/08/2019
21T  Police Force 21IN Expandable Steel Baton  02/25/2019 
21TAUTO Police Force 21 inch Automatic Expandable Baton  10/24/2019 
ARBBGS Arms Reach Bedside Biometric Gun Safe  11/18/2019 
CF Child Finder Fire Rescue Decal with Suction Cup   01/09/2020
CRVWBC  Cyclecam Rearview WiFi Bike Camera   06/04/2019
CSB32  Can Safe - Beer 32 oz.  06/04/2019 
CSCT  Can Safe Country Time  08/15/2019
DIS-39061  TASER Pulse  01/08/2019
DJ002RP  Door Jammer: Portable Security Device  04/11/2019
DRC-5P  SABRE Drink Test Kit  12/17/2019
DVR520SA  Spy Clock DVR with Sound Activation (4GB)   04/26/2019
DVRCS Cross Necklace DVR 04/27/2020
DVRMFC Digital Alarm Clock DVR w/Motion Detector 4GB 05/25/2020
FBAD-06  SABRE Frontiersman Bear Spray 9.2 oz   08/08/2019
GF6038 Rechargeable LED Camping Lamp w/Power Bank 05/22/2020
GM01 Teknon Gun Magnet 04/20/2020
HBS Hairbrush Safe  06/12/2019 
H1PUSAC Heavy Duty Nylon Holster with Belt Clip 1lb Pepper Spray 04/30/2020
ICUHDGC  HD Rail Mounted Gun Camera  10/14/2019 
IKBOLT iKeyp Bolt Smart Storage Safe w/Bolt Installation 03/19/2020
IKPRO iKeyp PRO Smart Storage Safe w/Expandable Wing Installation 03/19/2020
JPX001  JPX 2 Pepper Spray Gun  12/17/2019
P-22J  SABRE 3/4 oz. 3-IN-1 Runner Pepper Spray w/ Adjustable Hand Strap  05/09/2019 
P50325 US PeaceKeeper INCOG Backpack 06/16/2020
PCK-80C  Outdoor Edge Para-Claw Survival Bracelet - MEDIUM  02/27/2019 
PCOMP Plegium Combo (3 in 1) Pepper Spray PINK 06/29/2020
PF1500B Tactical High Power 15,000,000* Stun Flashlight 02/13/2020
PF21TAC Police Force 21 inch Automatic Expandable Baton CHROME 05/05/2020
PFARSP Police Force AR (Always Ready) Tactical Sling Bag 02/26/2020
PFCL2F54 Police Force Tactical Ultra-Lite L2 LED Flashlight 05/29/2020
PFCL2F55 Police Force L2 Mini Tactical Flashlight 03/20/2020
PFL2F53 Police Force Tactical L2 LED Flashlight 05/26/2020
PFGH9 Police Force Gun Holster for 9mm   12/10/2019
PFMTF50 Police Force Mini Tactical Q5 Flashlight 03/27/2020
PFSSH Police Force Stainless Steel Handcuffs  07/08/2019
PFTSGL  Police Force Tactical SAP Gloves- Large  11/15/2019
PFTV200  Police Force Tactical Vest  10/15/2019
QS24B  Quick Shelf Safe with RFID Black  11/26/2019 
QS24BM  Quick Shelf Safe with RFID - Belmont  11/26/2019
QS24N Quick Shelf Safe with RFID - Natural (Unfinished)  11/26/2019 
QS24W  Quick Shelf Safe with RFID - White  11/26/2019 
QS24WN Quick Shelf Safe with RFID - Walnut 02/19/2020
QVSRFID Quick Vent Safe with RFID  12/04/2019
SAC5465  Sonic Animal Chaser  04/22/2019 
SCSURGE  Diversion Safe-Surge Protector  07/23/2019 
SMK6000BK  SMACK 6,000,000 Stun Gun Black   02/28/2019
SMK6000PK SMACK 6,000,000 Stun Gun Pink  01/21/2019 
SRP-KR-02  SABRE 3/4 oz. Protector Dog Spray w/ Key Ring   11/17/2019
SRTB-01  SABRE 0.4 oz. Tactical Pepper Spray Baton  01/10/2019
SW18650LI Streetwise 18650 Lithium-Ion Battery 04/20/2020
SWAAB13 Streetwise Attitude Adjuster 13,000,000 Stun Baton Flashlight  03/13/2019 
SWBCDVR Streetwise Block Charger DVR 03/11/2020
SWBTC  Streetwise Bluetooth Camera DVR  09/30/2019 
SWBSK Streetwise Locking Book Safe with Key 03/20/2020
SWCCDVR  Streetwise Cube Clock DVR Camera  02/06/2020
SWCCIPC  Streetwise Cube Clock WiFi IP Camera   10/22/2019
SWDDL7  Streetwise Large Dome Dummy Camera 7IN   05/08/2019
SWENSWC Eye In The Sky 360 Degree WiFi Camera  01/31/2020 
SWFS31  Streetwise LED Flashlight w/Self-Defense Spikes   09/24/2019
SWHHBL16 Heavy Hitter Aluminum Bat Flashlight 06/09/2020
SWHHBL16H Heavy Hitter with Heavy Duty Holster 06/09/2020
SWHHBLAZ Heavy Hitter Aluminum Bat Flashlight w/Adjustable Zoom 06/09/2020
SWKF24BK  Streetwise Key Fob Stun Gun 24,000,000 11/22/2019 
SWKL25SB Streetwise Knight Light 25,000,000 Stun Flashlight 02/26/2020
SWLR26GB Streetwise Lightning Rod 26,000,000 Stun Flashlight 04/11/2019 
SWMKKCGR  Streetwise My Kitty Self-Defense Keychain Green  12/04/2019 
SWNW500 Streetwise Nightwatcher Robotic LED Security Light  09/04/2019 
SWNW520 Streetwise Nightwatcher Robotic LED Security Light  08/09/2019 
SWPBPBP Streetwise Peacekeeper Bulletproof Backpack 06/16/2020
SWPP3500RPK Streetwise Perfume Protector 3,500,000 Stun Gun Pink
SWPP3500RPR Streetwise Perfume Protector 3,500,000 Stun Gun Purple
SWRG01 Streetwise 8x10 Rear Guard Ballistic Shield Backpack Insert 02/19/2020
SWRG02 Streetwise 10x13 Rear Guard Ballistic Shield Backpack Insert  09/10/2019 
SWRG03  Streetwise 11x14 Rear Guard Ballistic Shield Backpack Insert  09/10/2019 
SWSAM6RB  Streetwise SamStun Cell Phone Rechargeable Black  04/05/2019 
SWSF8800PK  Small Fry 8,800,000 Stun Gun Flashlight Pink 01/16/2019 
SWSF8800PR Small Fry 8,800,000 Stun Gun Flashlight Purple  08/05/2019 
SWSLHL Streetwise Smart Light LED Headlamp 04/29/2020
SWTP100P  Streetwise Tactical Pen w/ Light & DNA Collector PINK  09/26/2019 
SWTSBW  Streetwise Tactical Shemagh Black/White   08/29/2019
SWWAADVR Streetwise WiFiHD AC Adapter DVR  10/22/2019
SWWDC  Streetwise Smart WiFi Doorbell with Chime  08/08/2019 
SWWPC Wireless Phone Charger with Wifi DVR 04/23/2020
SWWSIPC Streetwise HD 1080P Weather Station Camera Wi-Fi Version   10/22/2019
T01  Teknon Heavy Duty Tactical Vest w/Belt  01/29/2020 
TO40R Wuben 1200 Lumen LED Flashlight w/Survival Bracelet 05/28/2020
UF37V UltaFire 3.7V li-ion Rechargeable Battery 05/28/2020
YJ06-02BLK  Yellow Jacket iPhone 6/6s Case: Stun Gun & Power Bank  04/11/2019 
ZAPBK950  ZAP Blast Knuckles  01/17/2019 
ZAPCOVERTCANE ZAP Covert Cane  05/30/2019
ZCK Zero Carry Knife 02/24/2020


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