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Terms And Conditions


All terms and conditions of sale are subject to change without notice.  

ALL RETURNS REQUIRE PROOF OF PURCHASE. Please include Proof of Purchase with your return when you send it back or your return will not be processed.

PRODUCT LIABILITY INSURANCE ON STREETWISE STUN GUNS, STUN BATONS AND PEPPER SPRAY: Cutting Edge Products provides product liability insurance coverage on all Streetwise brand stun guns, Streetwise brand stun batons and Streetwise brand pepper spray. This insurance is extended to our direct Authorized Dealers who have filled out and signed an Authorized Dealer Application and submitted it to us. It is the responsibility of the Dealer to make sure that we have this signed application on file. 

COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS PROHIBITING ANY OF OUR PRODUCTS: It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to comply with all local, state and federal laws or statues pertaining to the possession and/or use of any of the products we sell.  

PRICE CHANGES: We reserve the right to change the price of any product we sell at any time.  We will announce such changes in our weekly e-mail blast, and we will change the price on our web site.  

DEFECTIVE PRODUCT: Products that are found to be defective can be returned for a replacement or credit toward the purchase of other product during the warranty period of that specific product. The warranty period starts on the date of the invoice and ends after the following period of time:

  • For all products sold by Cutting Edge Products:  90 days
  • For all products with the Streetwise Brand:  One year
  • For all Streetwise stun guns and stun batons: Lifetime 
  • For all Police Force stun guns and stun batons: Lifetime 

All defective returns require a return merchandise authorization number (RMA#).  Contact our office for an RMA#, which must be put on the outside of the box.  Any returns sent to our warehouse without an RMA # will be refused. The cost to ship the defective product back to Cutting Edge Products will be paid by the customer.  For your protection we recommend that they be shipped with tracking information and insurance. If it is sent by postal service, use delivery confirmation and insure the package.  If going by UPS you can use regular ground service. Insurance is not needed unless the shipment exceeds $100 in value. The cost to ship the replacement product(s) back will be paid by Cutting Edge Products.

Please test the product(s) before returning to us. Many items shipped back to us as defective work fine; some after doing something as simple as putting in new batteries. If an item is returned to us and found to be working, the customer will have to pay return shipping charges. Also the item must not show signs of abuse or misuse and all parts, instructions, and accessories must be included in order to receive a full credit.

EXCHANGE POLICY:  We will accept certain (not all) products back for exchange (credit toward the purchase of other product) within 30 days after the date of the invoice with a 20% exchange fee. This does not apply to all of our products. Certain items cannot be exchanged. For example, if an item has been discontinued, as announced in our weekly e-mail update and listed on our website, then we cannot take it back.  Call first before shipping the product back to receive an RMA number and to make sure the product is eligible for a credit. Each product returned for exchange must be in its original condition and ready to go back on the shelf or a higher fee may be applied. This includes the item and its packaging. For example, make sure that there are no price stickers (or residue from where they have been removed), or tags on the unit or packaging. All exchanges require a return merchandise authorization number (contact us for an RMA#).  The cost to ship the product back to Cutting Edge Products will be paid by the customer. For your protection we recommend that they be shipped with tracking information and insurance. If it is sent by postal service, use delivery confirmation and insure the package. If going by UPS use regular ground service. Insurance is not needed unless the shipment exceeds $100 in value. The cost to ship the new product(s) will also be paid by the customer.

ADDRESS CORRECTION POLICY:  It is very important that we receive a complete and accurate address for all orders to insure timely delivery and because UPS and FedEx charge a fee for any address correction.  If we receive an incorrect address from a customer and we are charged a correction fee we will pass this fee on to the customer.  If you place drop ship orders with us, we suggest that you stress to your customers the importance of a complete address including their street address, (with any apartment or suite number), city, state, and zip code, and all names spelled correctly.

BACK ORDERS: We make every effort to have all products in stock at all times, but this is not always possible.  When a product we carry is out of stock we list it on our “out of stock” page on our web site (a link to this page is under Additional Resources on the sidebar below testimonials on our homepage).  We also list the date the item is expected back in stock.  Please see below our policy and procedure on handling back orders.  It is different for orders placed online and for orders placed via phone, fax or e-mail.  

Orders placed online:  Because the web site charges for the order at the time it is placed, the shopping cart will not allow you to order an item that is out of stock.  If you are interested in ordering an item that is out of stock, you can check our “Out of Stock” page and note the date when the item is expected back. If you would prefer to place the item on back order (so that it will automatically ship to you once the item arrives back in stock), you can do so by e-mail, fax or phone. As soon as the item is in stock, it will be shipped out.  Please note that the customer will be responsible for shipping charges for the back order.

Orders placed via phone, fax or e-mail:  If an item you order is in stock when you place your order but we run out of it before we pack your order, that item will be placed on back order.  We will note the back order on the invoice that is sent the day the order ships. As soon as the item is in stock again, it will be shipped out, unless the customer contacts us to request otherwise.  Please note that the customer will be responsible for shipping charges for the back order.

NOTE: If a customer does not want us to back order any items at any time, they can let us know and we will never back order any items for them. A customer may contact us about a specific back order and cancel it if they contact us before the expected date.  Please note that it is the customer’s responsibility to let us know if they do not want an item back ordered.  If we do not hear from a customer, we automatically back order the item, and the customer would be responsible for the shipping charges for the back ordered item.  

ORDER CANCELLATION/ ORDER CHANGE POLICY:   If a customer wants to cancel or change an order that has already been placed they must contact our office by telephone (252-830-5577).  We will make every effort to stop the order (or make the requested changes).  However, if the customer does not call in time, and we are unable to stop the order (or make the requested changes) then the customer is still responsible for the order.  In addition to the phone call we will request an e-mail for confirmation.  

SHIPPING POLICYWe strive to get every order out as soon as possible. However, due to the fact that we cannot predict the number of orders that we will receive on a given day, we cannot guarantee that an order will ship on the day it is received. Orders will ship within one to two business days of our receiving them. Business days are Monday through Friday excluding national holidays and any day our office is closed as announced in our weekly e-mail blasts.  For example, an order placed over a weekend might ship on the following Monday, but could ship on Tuesday.  

SHIPPING INSURANCE POLICY:  We automatically insure all packages that we ship out.  The cost of this insurance is included in the freight charge and therefore passed on to the customer.  If you do not want orders insured contact us and let us know (in writing).  We will not insure shipments if requested not to, but the customer will then assume all risk for loss or damage to boxes in transit.

DAMAGE/ MISSING ITEMS/ WRONG ITEM SENT CLAIMS: Any time an order is received that has been damaged, or items are missing from the order, or the wrong items have been sent, it must be reported to Cutting Edge Products Inc. within three business days after receipt of the order. Any claim after three business days will be void.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: All orders tendered to Cutting Edge Products for shipment outside the United States, Puerto Rico or any US territory must be a minimum of $100.

DROP SHIPPING:  A drop ship order is defined as any order that is shipped “blindly” (listing you as the shipper) directly to your customer.  The following polices apply to drop ship orders:

PLACING ORDERS: Drop ship orders must be submitted to us in one of the following methods: online via your account, e-mailed to orders@cuttingedgeproducts.net or faxed to (252) 830-5542. We do not accept drop ship orders over the phone. 

CHARGES: Each drop ship order will be charged a handling fee which is $2.50 per order. The charge is the same even if there is more than one item in the order. Additionally, you will be charged actual shipping cost and the starting wholesale price for all products in the order. 

PAYMENT: All drop ship orders must be paid for before they ship out.  If payment is not received on the day the order is to ship, it will cancelled and held until payment is received. Drop ship orders can only be paid for by credit card. We do not accept PAYPAL payments for drop ship orders. 

INVOICES: On the day your drop ship order ships an invoice will be sent out before the end of the day. The invoice will include a breakdown of all charges and the tracking number which you can send to your customers if you wish. The invoices will only be sent by e-mail, but can be sent to up to two different e-mail addresses. On days that are particularly busy, it may be as late as 8:00 PM EST that the invoice is sent out. Due to the high volume of drop shipments we process every day we cannot accept phone requests to send the invoice or get a tracking number before the end of the day. If two business days have passed since you placed a drop ship order, and you still have not received an invoice, then contact us via e-mail at sales@cuttingedgeproducts.net. 

AMAZON and eBay SELLERS: We realize that Amazon and eBay can be particularly demanding when it comes to shipping times. As stated, we cannot guarantee that an order will ship the same day we receive it; only within one to two business days. If you are selling on Amazon or eBay you might want to consider stocking your best selling merchandise yourself. That way you can control when they ship. Also, you can avoid the $2.50 DSC and enjoy a discount if you purchase in volume. For example, any wholesale order of $250 or more will receive a 5% discount, any order of $500 or more a 10% discount and any order of $1,000 or more a 15% discount. 

DROP SHIP ORDERS FOR DESTINATIONS OUTSIDE THE US: We can drop ship orders outside the United States, but all such orders must be a minimum of $100. All international orders have to be checked against lists provided by the Dept. of Commerce (DOC), and that if not approved by the DOC we will not ship the order. Please note that if the order requires an export license there will be a $25 handling fee. Also, we must be provided with a copy of a commercial invoice to place on the box.

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