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iKeyp Bolt Smart Storage Safe w/Bolt Installation
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Weight: 5 lbs
Case Quantity: 2
Case Weight: 10 lbs
Inner Box Quantity: 0
Packaging Type: Color Box
Country of Origin: China
UPC: 866346000315
Package Dimensions: 14" x 4.625" x 7.375" (LWH)
Discount Info


The iKeyp Bolt is a smartphone-enabled personal safe that provides peace of mind by bringing security, technology, and easy access together. Not only does this patented smart safe secure your valuables but it also alerts you to tempering and notifies you whenever the door is opened. It was initially designed to secure medication and help combat the prescription medication abuse epidemic, but in building the best medication safe we realized that the iKeyp is so versatile it can be used to store any personal items an individual might want to keep private and safe.

The iKeyp is compact enough to store in deep medicine cabinets, drawers, bookcases, and will even fit in a carry on suitcase. It's a particularly smart solution for shared spaces, like apartments or dorms. The safe can be opened by entering a pin on the keypad, with a back-up key, or remotely through the app. The app can send visual and audible alerts for things like failed keypad attempts or if the safe is moved, enabling you to monitor your valuables from anywhere in the world.

The iKeyp app allows you to have one owner and multiple users for each unit. The owner of the iKeyp can give others permission to open the smart safe by sending them an email invitation. When used to store medication one very practical feature of the app is that it can send you a notification if the iKeyp is not opened at the time the medication should be taken. This is a great way for the owner to be reminded if they forgot to take their medicine or for the owner to monitor if their children or elderly parents are taking their medications when they should.

There are two versions available. This one (called the BOLT) uses screws to secure it to the wall.  The other model, the iKeyp Pro (see “Related Products” below), installs in seconds and is designed for easy portability. It locks in place by simply turning an internal wing knob.

Contains all necessary hardware for secure wall mounting.


  • Battery Level Indicator

  • Humidity Resistant Seal

  • Backup Key Access

  • Motion Detecting Accelerometer

  • Alarm

  • WiFi Internet Connectivity

  • 24/7 Security Monitoring

  • Remote Open from Anywhere

  • Intelligent Smartphone Alerts


  • iKeyp Smart Safe

  • Mounting Hardware

  • Instructions

  • Keys

For Toll-Free Product Support Please Call: (866) 220-0272

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