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Streetwise Barbarian 9,000,000* Stun Baton Flashlight
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Weight: 1.66 lbs
Case Quantity: 30
Case Weight: 52 lbs
Inner Box Quantity: 1
Packaging Type: Color Box
Country of Origin: China
UPC: 793831019142
Package Dimensions: 20.625" x 2" x 2.5" (LWH)
Standard Discount


In ancient times barbarians were known for being uncivilized, brutal, and fierce warriors.

“The Barbarian” is the perfect name for our newest stun baton. If Conan the Barbarian lived in modern times we are sure this would be his weapon of choice. Even in our more refined culture there are still “barbarians” who roam the streets.  When you arm yourself with this savage looking stun baton with high-tech Triple Stun Technology, you will be prepared to easily take down any modern day barbarian foolish enough to attack you. We have combined a spiked baton with a powerful stun gun and blinding flashlight to create one of the most feared stun batons on the market today.

Whether you leave it on your night stand, in your car, or carry it with you on your belt with the metal clip, protecting yourself with the Barbarian is as easy as 1,2,3:

    1. Identify the Threat: An attacker will use the cover of darkness to sneak up on their victims and to hide their identity. He'll also look for the most vulnerable victim. This powerful light beam shined in the direction of a possible attacker is often enough to persuade him to go in search of an easier target.

    1. Disorient Attacker: Shining the ulta-bright light directly into someone's eyes will cause several seconds of impaired vision. The Streetwise Barbarian 9,000,000 Stun Baton Flashlight boasts a super bright light beam with Self Defense Strobe that can disorient your attacker and give you time to flee.

    1. Strike or Stun! If these first two are not enough to deter your attacker, a blow from the metal baton or a shock from the powerful stun gun certainly will.


    • Powerful Stun Baton: Just test firing this unit into the air is often enough to stop an attacker. As the bright electric current pulsates across the sides of the unit, it creates an intimidating electrical sound. An attacker with any sense will be stopped in his tracks. If the sight and sound don’t stop him, a jolt from this unit certainly will.

    • Military Grade Aluminum Alloy: The shock proof exterior not only protects the unit from damage but can also be used to strike your assailant.

    • Triple Stun Technology: Most stun guns on the market today have only one or two points of contact. When using this model to defend yourself, the Triple Stun Technology (TST) allows an electrical charge to emanate between three separate points on the top of the stun baton (two sides and the middle). This creates a larger stun radius, allowing you to easily defend yourself. 

    • Long Reach: At over 19” long, this is one of our longest stun batons. It allows you to defend yourself while keeping you at a safe distance from your attacker. 

    • Blinding LED Light: Not only will the flashlight safely illuminate the entire area at night, but it can also help to protect you. When shined in the eyes of an attacker, the ultra-bright light can have a temporary blinding effect making it easy for you to immobilize them with the stun gun or strike with the baton.

    • 3 Light Modes: Allows you to easily change between the light modes: 100% for full strength, 50% for conserving battery life, and flashing strobe for emergencies or self-defense.

    • Rechargeable: Recharging cord (included) plugs directly into a standard wall outlet to save you money on batteries. 

    • Safety Features: To prevent accidental discharge, three levels of safety have been built in. The on/off switch on bottom must be set to on, the function selector switch must be in stun mode (the red stun indicator light will illuminate), and the stun activation button must be pressed before the stun will operate.

    • Metal Clip and Wrist Strap Included: To make it easier to carry, a metal belt clip and wrist strap are included.

    • Lifetime Warranty: The SWBAR9R is made of the highest quality components and comes with a lifetime warranty. See the enclosed instructions sheet for complete details.


    • Streetwise Barbarian 9,000,000 Stun Baton Flashlight

    • Lanyard

    • Built in Clip

    • Charging Cord 

    • Instructions

*Actual Voltage output is difficult to measure and verify, but this unit compares to other brands that claim to be 9,000,000 or more volts.

 Stun Gun FAQs

Click Here for Stun Gun Restrictions



For Toll-Free Product Support Please Call: (866) 220-0272




“The Streetwise baton saved me!”

My name is Clifford Frierson and I am a loyal customer.  I wanted to take the time to fully endorse your wonderful product, the Streetwise Baton.

I wanted to let you know that the Streetwise Baton saved me from a dangerous encounter with a vicious Pit bull.  I will relay the story to you as it happened this past Friday evening (9/23/16 at approximately 6:00 PM).

I was walking my German Shepard Dog like I normally do and we were walking to the park to play fetch.  On our way to the park we were walking past some houses, all of the sudden my dog got alerted to something that was going on.  I stopped and turned around to see what was going on and I was shocked to see a pit bull was running toward us in a menacing way.  The Pit bull had escaped from the house as its owner was also leaving the house.  The owner of the pit bull was calling and chasing after him but he was not listening to its owner.  As the pit bull reached us I had the baton in my hand ready in case he got aggressive.  I let off a shock in the direction of the pit bull just to let him know, that it is not OK to be this close to me and my dog.  As it turned out the Pit and my dog sniffed each other the way that dogs do, so I thought we were in the clear but I continued to watch the pit because I felt he might be unpredictable.  So I still had my baton at the ready just in case, sure enough after he finished sniffing my dog he then lunged at me for no reason and without provocation but I was not afraid, I was ready, I had the baton!  I let off a 3 second burst right by the pit bull’s nose, he might have got a tiny shock but I am not exactly sure because it was so close to his nose and he didn't cry.  Either way he got the message and left us alone and went back to its owner who was still calling her dog to come to her.  He left us alone because he knew it would be dangerous to continue to attack us, this is why he left.  The Streetwise baton saved me!  If I didn't have it I would have surely been bitten or worst.  It also saved the Pit bull because I didn't have to use more extreme measures to eliminate the threat.  I love animals so it worked out great for all parties involved!

I just wanted to say that I will always be a customer and I will tell all my friends and associates about your wonderful product.




Clifford Frierson

P.S.  This would be a great tool for the various police departments across the country.  It really should be a standard issue item.Hikers, bikers and joggers or anyone who is outdoors would benefit greatly from this product.  Great Product!.

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