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We are the leading manufacturer, reseller, and wholesaler of self-defense and security products that empower business owners to help their customers protect what matters most.

We believe virtues like honesty, fairness, and truthfulness never go out of style and are still the best foundation on which to grow a business. Although we have continually maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, our motivation to maintain a high ethical standard comes from a higher authority. We are committed to honoring God in both our personal lives and business dealings. 


Cutting Edge Products was established in 1990 by Ray Gilbarte when he began selling pepper spray to stores in eastern North Carolina from the trunk of his car. The business grew quickly and now distributes products in the US and around the world. Our brand, Streetwise Security Products, is one of the most recognizable and respected brands in the self-defense industry. We value our customers and keep them on the 'cutting edge' by manufacturing, importing, and wholesaling the world's most effective, high-quality security products. As a leading wholesale manufacturer, we are known for the fair, honest, and upright way we conduct business, honoring God both professionally and personally. Our corporate offices and distribution center are in the eastern US in Winterville, NC.


We provide wholesale safety, security, and self-defense products for businesses to empower their customers to protect what matters most.


Teamwork: We are humble and hungry “A players” who work together to accomplish our vision. Better Together!

"R" Culture: We value organizational health over individual performance. Culture Wins!

Uncompromising: We refuse to compromise or settle for mediocrity; we set the bar high and reach it. Principals over Profit!

Seek Improvement: We are next level thinkers who believe there is a better way; we never stop asking how we can improve ourselves and our processes. We Innovate!

Thoughtfulness: We care deeply for others and look for ways to express that through generously serving and giving to others. weCare!


Since we started, we have sold millions of products to thousands of satisfied customers. Although we have continually maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have a good credit rating with Dunn and Bradstreet, our motivation to maintain a high moral standard comes from a higher authority. We are committed to honoring God in both our personal lives and business dealings. We know the only way to develop long-lasting relationships with our customers is by conducting business in a fair and honest manner.


Among our personal brands like Streetwise Security, Police Force, and Jolt, we partner with other trusted brands to better serve our dealers and resellers. We want to simplify your ordering process by offering multiple products and various categories under one website. This saves you time and money stocking your business.


If you have searched much for wholesale companies on the internet, you have probably already found that what many sites referred to as having "wholesale prices" are merely discounted retail prices. When you purchase from us directly, you cut out the “middle man” and sell retail (or wholesale) at high-profit margins. Many of our customers are able to retail our products for three times their cost. For example, one of our alarms has a wholesale price of $2.95 and a suggested retail of $9.95. As you can see, there is enough profit margin for you to sell wholesale as well. You could sell 24 of these alarms to a store for $5.00 each and they could sell them at retail for $9.95. You will not only make a nice profit but you will benefit from reorders as well.


We sell to the trade only. Besides having exported our products to over 30 countries worldwide, we sell to established businesses throughout the US and help people start their own businesses. Our customers include e-Commerce, brick and mortar stores, wholesalers, and distributors. For those who do not want to keep inventory at their location, we offer dropship directly to your customers. APPLY NOW TO BECOME AN AUTHORIZED DEALER

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